Wednesday, September 15, 2010

What I've Learned from Frank

I had a friend out for the past few weeks. One of the discussions that came up was Frank Schaeffer. I think my friend, like many people, were under the assumption that Frank had bit the Christian dust a long time ago.

Honestly, I'm not sure where he is at spiritually right now. It has been a while sine we've corresponded. However, it wouldn't surprise me if he wasn't that far away from where I am. He does write a lot with a critical view of Evangelicalism. However, in my opinion, most of what I've read was warranted.

While Frank's dad still stands as my greatest Christian hero (warts and all), Frank himself has left his own mark on me. That mark is brutal honesty. I read his Becker series with a passion. Part of the reason was that the semi-autobiographical works involved people I had known (every so slightly). I had spend many of evenings in the same living room with Frank's mother. I had attended many workshops led by his sister.

So, his mark is seen clearly here in this blog. I write as near as the first floor (with the ground being unadulterated reality) as I can. I am often misunderstood (as Frank is) because of it.

Denise told me that someone had expressed concern to her, after reading this blog, that our marriage was it trouble. It is not. If you have read this blog you have seen as bad as it gets. Maybe I should focus more on the positive. But normal people (and I've never claimed to be normal) only share the tip of their personal icebergs. So, if someone shares tangentially that they have a disagreement with their wife then in the privacy of their bedrooms, they are experiencing marital hell.

When I talk about depression, readers think I am really, really messed up. But honestly, I'm only messed up with one "really."

But Frank has helped to give me the courage to be more real and I am grateful for that gift . . . despite the grief it has brought me.


Eagle said...

I noticed I wrote something here yesterday that was deleted. Was it something I said? If you were offended..sorry.

MJ said...

Oh, good heavens no. I think it must have been some type of electronic goof up.

The only time I've ever deleted comments is where someone (such as myself) accidently double posted the same comment or the spammer. There are these rare spam programs that start, "You have a wonderful blog. Here is my link to a fast Christian weight loss program." I delete those.

Please re-post. I am not the thought police like some people are. :>)

Anonymous said...

In that picture, he vaguely resembles a young Clint Eastwood.

(Better a young Clint Eastwood than a Young Robert Redford (TM), huh?)

MJ said...

Yeah, just missing a mole. I do see his dad in him a lot, more so in his sister Susan.

MJ said...

Yeah, just missing a mole. I do see his dad in him a lot, more so in his sister Susan.

MJ said...

People use to say I looked like Robin Williams . . . more lately, the face of Satan :>)