Sunday, July 27, 2008

Jesus Pays a Visit to the Prayer Breakfast

Jesus’ example of honesty . . . in love. As before I will use real dialog and then what they really think, in the deepest places of their hearts under the heading “Id.” Jesus of course does not have an “Id” because he speaks what he honestly believes.

Before we move along in this fictional story, I invite you to go back to the original post about Babel and language, at least to the post where I discuss the background of the main characters.

In this scene Jesus was invited to the Small-Town Bible Church prayer breakfast by Lacey, the youth pastor. I know that it is a bizarre scenario but I’ve taken creative liberties so play along.

Setting: Prayer breakfast and Lacey arrives with John, Melvin and Jake already there.

Lacey: “Hello everyone. I have some exciting news. Jesus Himself will be joining us this morning! Here He comes now.”

(Jesus walks up to the table, shorter hair, trimmed bread and wearing a tee shirt and jeans . . . typical dress for the modern man, just as a robe and sandals were in 30 AD)

Lacey: “Everyone, I want to introduce to you a man who needs no introduction, He . . .”

(Jesus, smiling motions for her to sit down)

Jesus: “Thanks, Lacy, but why don’t you allow me to the introductions,”

Lacey: “Of course. You already know everyone here, what was I thinking?”

Lacey’s Id: I‘m an idiot. I’ve made such a fool of myself. What was I thinking? Of course Jesus knows everyone here.”

(looking around the table in silence, Jesus finally speaks)

Jesus: “Hi John. How’s things at the firm?”

John: “Oh, very well. I’m really excited about several opportunities coming up in this next year.”

Jesus: “I can see that will mean a lot of money in your bank accounts, and a lot of professional prestige. But that’s just an illusion.”

John’s Id: Hmm. What does He mean by that? I would ask, but I’m afraid that I will say something wrong. I don’t want to offend the group. I’m still hoping to win the legal account for Jake’s business, so I just better cut my losses and just be quiet.

(Jesus, still smiling in kindness, looks next at Melvin)

Jesus: “And you are Melvin. It is nice to meet you in person.”

(Putting His hand on Melvin’s back, he turns to the group and continues speaking)

Jesus: “I realize that you know Melvin, but you don’t really know him. He is my friend but doesn’t really accept my gift of righteousness. I hope to change that in time.”
(Looking now at Lacey)

Jesus: “Lacey is precious to me.” (He leans away from Melvin and towards her and gives her a big hug. She has a huge smile on her face and watery eyes) This young lady is a gem but her soul is not satisfied in me alone. She does have her problems with envy, longing for the comfort and nurturing that she, unfortunately, has never received before. We’ll talk more about that in a moment.

(Looking at Jake with a perplexed look on His face)

Jesus: “And you sir, I don’t think I know you.”

(Jake has a terrified look on his face)

Jake’s Id: Why is He saying this? Of course He knows me.

Jake: “Of course you know me . . . you are Jesus.”

Jesus: “Yes, I am. But I only know that which the Father has revealed to me and I really don’t think I know you.”

Jake: “Jesus . . . of course you know me. It’s Jake! I’ve been faithful to you for twenty years. I’ve worked with Promise Keepers, finishing their discipleship program and I’ve disciple many men who are great leaders in their churches and communities.”

(Jesus still looking puzzled, Jake then continues)

Jake: “I think you are forgetting me. I mean, I’m the leader of the Christian Businessmen’s Association for two years now. Jesus, ask anyone in Small-town. They voted me the Christian father of the year two years ago. Doesn’t all that ring a bell?”

Jesus: “Hmm. Nope. I’ve never heard of you.”

Jake’s Id: This is a nightmare. Why is He doing this? This can’t be the real Jesus. He would know who I am. It doesn’t make sense that He would know a looser like Melvin and not know of me and my reputation. This is not going well and I don’t how I’m going to convince everyone that He’s an imposter . . . unless Jesus has a strange sense of humor.

More to come.

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