Thursday, March 4, 2010

Bart and Frank at Thrive

The older I get, the more hours I spend in Thrive (in the winter . . . the summer I exercise out doors). While I run on the treadmill, it gives me the chance to catch up on all the cable channels we don't get.

Honestly (and I know this sounds a little gay) my favorite channel is HGTV, especially International House Hunters. However (maybe my more masculine side speaking) I love to channel surf between the 8 TVs.

I had been working on my last post regarding "containing the fall" but I'm going to interrupt that work with what I saw on TV tonight.

If you ever watch MSNBC side by side with Fox . . . and you switch back and forth between them, they both seem like comedy. Why? Because they are each so over the top in the spin they try to put on the "issues." It really is ridiculous. I know that I may be stepping on toes but it appears that anyone who is a loyal fan of either Fox or MSNBC must not be thinking very deeply.

I had to turn away from HGTV when MSNBC's Rachel Maddow was talking about something, then she showed a photo of Bart Stupak. You see, I was living in Bart's neck of the woods when he was first elected (I was living in Marquette. Michigan and he is from Escanaba I believe). He was a highway patrol officer before he ran for congress. His brother was my lawyer in a professional situation. A good Catholic friend of mine was an advocate and friend of Stupak.

I wasn't going to switch channels until I next saw the same photo of the C Street house that I posted two days ago. I already knew that Bart was one of the C Street renters.

So I switched over from House Hunters. Rachel has such an agenda. She spends about 30 minutes doing a character assassination of Bart because of his support of the pro-life position. It was plain silly. As part of that attack, she also attacked the C Street House ministry brutally. It made me feel a little guilty for my statements. I stick by my statements but I certainly don't support Rachel's obvious agenda.

So I switch back to HGTV. After a few minutes I glance over only to see another familiar face, Frank Schaeffer. So, I had to switch back.

I've debated in my mind if Frank and I are on the same page or not. I think mostly we are. I certainly hear a lot of bad things about him. But, those bad things come from the same people who would say bad things about me.

One person is a good friend of mine and was also one of Frank's mother's best friends. She feels that Frank has gone over to the dark side.

Then, there are the people at church. Because I'm noted for being a fan of LAbri, I've had several people at church come up to me, shaking their heads and saying, "Did you hear about Frank Schaeffer? He's fallen away from the Lord."

I'm not so sure he has. I loved his Crazy for God as well as his fictional (semi-autobiographical) works. I think these people at church would assume that I've fallen away from the Lord if they all my opinions.

Anyway, I missed the main story that Frank was asked to comment on. But apparently, there is a group of men called the Operation Exodus, who believe in taking up weapons (machine guns and etc.) and creating some kind of army, a Christian army based in churches, with the goal of defending our boarders against the aliens and fighting the Muslim terrorists. Frank, in his emotionally charged voice (that sounds like his Dad's voice) lashed out against this group and right wing nut cases. I'm sorry, but with that I have to agree. I've always thought that Jesus and guns make strange bedfellows.


NOTAL said...

I really think that John Stewart does a great job of showing the absurdity of Fox and MSNBC (although he is definitely harder on Fox). I really think he is one of the best pundits on TV right now.

The variety of viewpoints on cable (and exponentially more so online) does seem like a mixed bag. While it is great that people have access to a wide variety of points of view so they have the tools to be more critical thinkers, too often people get stuck listening to only those who share their feelings, and you get the echo chamber effect of eliminating any critical thinking.

pennyyak said...

I thought I would escape all that craziness by stopping watching tv, but I see it in its original (or modified ) form on the net anyway.

Guns and Jesus - gives me the creeps.

Anonymous said...

When you say “radical right” today, I think of these moneymaking ventures by fellows like Pat Robertson and others who are trying to take the Republican Party away from the Republican Party, and make a religious organization out of it. If that ever happens, kiss politics goodbye. Barry Goldwater 1994, and
Sarah Palin might be the one to lead the GOP into the wilderness forever.

MJ said...

Yeah Notal.I wish we had the John Stewart channel.

MJ said...

I had some time, for once, to do some reading online. I read some of your (pennyyak) blogs. Certainly you have a wide range of interest, about which you can write beautifully.

Ramblings, I wanted to post a comment on your blog but wordpress wouldn't let me. Anyway, I wish I could have. I won't give away your story but I will say, you are a brave man and I deeply respect your perspective on all of life and faith. It is an honor to have you here.

I see that you have linked to Frank Schaeffer's blog. I was just over reading his blog (via the Huffington Post)for the first time. I still scratch my head as I keep asking myself, "Are Frank and I on the same page?"