Saturday, March 7, 2009

My Friend Terry Has Died

Above is Terry doing the "L" sign . . . for leukemia.

I came on line just now to work on my postings and to respond to the comments. I checked my E-mail and just got word that my friend Terry died about an hour ago. In case you are new to this blog, I wrote a lot about Terry a few postings ago.

How do I fee? I feel very, very sad. I was choked up and tears were running down my face as I just posted on their blog. This is what I wrote:

I feel deeply sad so sad that I can barely type for the tears. I feel terribly angry. Of course God is all powerful and in control and now He is really pissed. No one hates cancer more than He.

What a terrible intrusion. What a hideous aberration. I only wish that we could take some of your burden of pain off your hearts. We love you guys very much.

There is so much more I would like to say, but just feel too sad. I will say that no belief system gives us more right to scream and clinch our fists at death than Christianity. I don't know how we made grieving so dysfunctional. It does not offend God when we scream. I feel so sad for their family. CANCER SUCKS!!!!! It took my dad too. IT REALLY, REALLY, REALLY SUCKS!

I just know that some Evangelical friends will try to mold a "Precious Moments" figurine out of this pile of shit.


Hope T. said...

I'm so sorry for your pain on the loss of your friend and for his family's grief,too. Wish I could think of something else to say but just ... I'm sorry.

MJ said...

Yeah I know there is usually nothing much to say. I mean, I would love to run over to his house and talk to his wife and kids, but I have nothing I can say. Plus, they have a house full of family at his side.


Justin said...

This sucks to hear/read. I'm sorry. I hope everyone can find the strength to carry on.

MJ said...

Thanks Justin for your thoughts. A lot of tears at church today, one of the most honest times.

What I meant by my last sentence of my posting was that often when there is a terrible loss, some Christians feel that they have to weave it into something positive like, "Oh, God gave Terry cancer FOR A REASON, to teach his wife patience and to trust him." Or that "God called Terry home because he had a job for him to do in heaven."

Anonymous said...

Cancer also took my mother (1975), father (1994), and stepmother (2003). As well as a co-worker who I never got along with (two weeks ago).

At least you used the word "Died". Not "Passed Away" or its Christianese equivalent "Homegoing". Death is death, and isn't supposed to be pleasant; why else does the Gospel proclaim that "death will be swallowed up in victory"?

Even if that victory lies beyond the end of our Cosmos.