Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Bookstore on the beach

I know that I never finished my musing about death and a funereal but things got too busy. We are on a little vacation in Fl, visiting family and the sun. I have my dear mom, aunt, sisters, 2 sons, daughter in law daughter with me and it is a wonderful time.

We went shopping today and I had a brief time in the bookstore. My daughter pointed out a book, PostSecret: Extraordinary Confessions from Ordinary Lives

I'm sure the author doesn't like this (but I'm making up for what I'm about to say by recommending the book) but I read the entire thing in the bookstore. It is easy to do.

But the premise is this. The author creates a webpage and invites people to mail him post cards of their most secret thoughts. These would be anonymous of course. The book simply contains copies of the post cards.

If you've read much of my blog you know that I am one obsessed with honesty . . . especially Christian honesty. While this book is not Christian, it does seem to give you a front row seat to a portal into the secret places of peoples' souls. I like that. I like to know that I am human and that when I have secret thoughts they are not that different from others.

The book is also revealing of the darkness of this lost world. But not in a typical Evangelical view of how we have to save the poor souls so that they will be normal like us. I'm sure that many preacher could take statements out of that book and build sermons around each one. But I mean this from more of a King Solomon's view in Ecclesiastics. Honest statements about real human emotions . . . or the real human condition.

I wish I could write more and I will try again later but I'm surrounded by family and I must not ignore them.

I did try to start a blog once where I wrote anonymously and invited Christians to do the same . . . but then I changed directions. I did hear of a pastor that started an anonymous confession blog. Maybe that is helpful for some but I would hate for people to feel that their "confession" on a blog in some way brought (or bought them) them a little more redemption. That is what Jesus is for.

I also wish that we never had to write anonymously. That is what I see in the new earth. Where we can speak total truth without any fear of rejection.


Anonymous said...

I am glad for you that you got some sun. I am going to wait for it to come to me. As a pastor i work with AA a lot. I think anonymity is great, but if we were real Christians it would not be needed. we would not judge, we would love. You would not need to hide sin from a fellow true Christian, as that person would pray with you to overcome, and love you no matter how bad you sinned. Not a lot of churches like that. see why I worship with addicts? They forgive.

MJ said...

I agree with you. I wish I could change things. One of the key families in our church is going through a very difficult time right now, and they feel that they must go through it in silence. The wife did share with my wife, however that was after three months of suffering alone and the pledge not to speak to anyone else about their ordeal. It's a shame.