Sunday, April 8, 2012

An Ingenuous Apologetic (. . . or why I still believe that Christianity is true . . . or more true) Why I'm Not a Polytheist

I debated if I should even cover this topic. While polytheism may have made sense in a finite, geocentric world where the "universe" was dispersed on concentric spheres above, it became obsolete in the modern world.

The problem became finitism. Finite gods can't rule in an infinite universe. The issue quickly became, the gods were too small.  They were entertaining, exciting and gave meaning to the mundane events of life. However, the answers to the big questions, the reason for being, the purposes of life and such were left mute.

The Greco Roman system could have been written and produced by Marvel. The gods of that age were little more than the fictional super heroes of today. So, were the gods above fate or did fate control the gods? Who defined evil? Good? Even those gods did evil, were jealous and had hate.

That's all I will say. Simply the gods were too small to satisfy the real questions of life . . . although a worthwhile read and made great movies.


Grundy said...

What if you viewed the separate Gods of the Romans as part of a whole infinite God? Kind of like the father, the son, and the holy spirit are parts of a whole God?

Over all, I agree that Greek/Roman mythology reads like a comic book...that may be why I like it better. Come to think of it, some of those gods are current comic book characters.

jmj said...

The major problem I see with the gods being part of the Godhead is that there are no since claims (that I know of) in Greek/Roman mythology or in Biblical scriptures.