Tuesday, January 4, 2011

You Will Always Have the Poor Among You But . . .

I personally was deeply moved by the above video. Part if, I think, is having been with people just like those shown. I worked in the "Village of Garbage" in Cairo for a couple of years and then have seen other people, just as poor in other parts of the world.

On this posting, I was simply going to put that video next to one of a "prosperity gospel" preacher for contrast. So, in preparation for that I viewed about a hour of 2-5 minute clips from pastors such as Joel Osteen and several of the TBN preachers. Actually, after a while I felt sick. In related articles I read how one famous TV preacher (who has two huge homes already) bought a 25 million dollar beach front California mansion. When the local TV network asked them why (as the already had a home nearby) the answer was, that their poodle loves to run outside and their other mansion didn't have a large yard. This way the dog can run on the beach.

This is narcissistic thinking, and wrapped up in the Gospel.

On the other hand, I'm not promoting guilt manipulation such as, "Who are you to have a Bigmac while the world is starving." That thinking is equally wrong.

But when I watch that little girl in Kabul my heart breaks. I have 10 blankets I could give her today . . . if only I could. But getting goods into the hands of those who need it, it is complicated.

This is where I think the greatest fulfilled life could come from. Where you spend each day selling something you have and using the money to give the basics to such in need. Now that's the real Gospel.

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Wanda said...

Painful, but thanks for posting.