Saturday, September 5, 2009

Thanks for the Comments, and We're Together on This

I'm traveling and am making a brief coffee shop Internet stop so I don't have the time to go back and comment on the comments.

I do think that there is a lot of this type of minor-league (doesn't feel minor looking out from the inside) mental health issues within the believing family. It only makes sense. We are fallen afterall . . . forgiven . . . but not well yet. I do wish that we could come clean about it more easily. I know that someone shared that they feel very comfortable sharing at their church about their issues because they are in a Sunday school class with a lot of young people who are also, so "messed up." Count yourself blessed.

I don't think I could tell a soul at my church that I suffer from a chronic anxiety disorder without them seeing it as a spiritual flaw (by my own sinful choices or lack of discipline). However, Denise thinks that I underestimate them.

I did read all your comments. I also skimmed my postings and once again, I saw many typos. Sorry. When I'm in a hurry I type fast and don't have time to proof-read. I hope that you could fill in the gaps over the typos to make sense out of it.

I also did not want to give the impression that after a few visits with the right counselor that I'm cured. I'm not cured, but better. This may be my thorn in the flesh for the rest of my life (like Paul's). After all, I would not be surprised that Paul's thorn in the flesh was not a physical ailment (as most suggest) or a dis-obedient wife (as I heard one pastor suggest) but could have been his own mental health problems.

But having a thorn makes one so very thankful for God's enduring mercy. It is the sick that needs the great physician the most.



Jaimie said...

A disobedient wife?!?! Just wow.

Anonymous said...

Happy Travels!

Anonymous said...

You have told the story of having anxiety very well. This really hits home to me as well as my husband. We are learning these things as we go along in life... And what you said about grace - wonderful insight. It is so true. My mom had an elderly friend who struggled with depression most of her life, and was cured after one visit to a psychologist! Well, not cured, as you know, but so much better. The burden was lifted.

Steve Martin said...

Well said, Mike!

I'll keep you in my prayers.

- Steve

PS- Luther (one of my heroes) also had some problems with severe depression.

I myself am subject to depression, although not often and not too severe.

(not that that is what afflicts you)

MJ said...

Jaimie, I threw that in, tongue and cheek because I actually heard that from a pastor in the pulpit. I have no clue how he arrived at that conclusion. Does not reflect any thinking of my own. :>)

Hey, I'm posting from 30,000 feet . . . thanks to a free gogo trial.

Jaimie said...

Oh no, I caught that it wasn't you who said it. Had it been you, I would've let you have it! :P

Anonymous said...

Okay, um.....

I'm having "My Favorite Blog to Read" withdrawals here...

*gag, cough, rolls around on floor, wheeze*

Hoping your trip goes well and you get back SOON. Either that, or I need some medication to help me get through this!