Thursday, June 18, 2009

Freedom . . . only Braveheart Could Have Said it Better.

There's really not much I need to say here. I'm excited. I'm deeply moved about what is happening in Iran. I'm not sure if people in America understand what this revolt really means.

I heard an Iranian professor/writer/exile speaking in Vancouver, BC about three years ago. She said something that really struck me as odd (at the time). She said there is going to be a movement in favor of human rights—including women's rights—and pro-democracy that will sweep the Middle East like a brush fire. The amazing thing (woops I said I would never use the world “amazing” anywhere) is that she said it would start among the youth in Iran.

These are exciting days for us optimists. I’m not though counting my chickens before they hatch. I think the pivotal point will be tomorrow (during the night our time). The Supreme Spiritual Leader of Iran will either; a) crack down hard causing a bloodshed or 2) do a total re-election. But if he, in his arrogance, picks “a” I still don’t see this as the end of the beginning . . . but the beginning of the end.

I may come back and say more. There is a Christian point to all this. God did create each person with dignity. Fallen humans do mis-use religion and always for the same reasons (just ask Nietzsche), money/power, sex and to be highly esteemed by others. The Mullahs operate from this angle as do the American TV Evangelist. So I’m pulling for the people, and praying for them. Their freedom and dignity does mean something . . . even if most of them are Muslims.


Jaimie said...

I hope you are right. I've heard too many stories about how the Iranians hate Bush and want their old way of life back, so... I'm not too optimistic.

Anonymous said...

I'm worried that we're going to drop the ball on this one, just like we did with Iran in the Fifties when we backed the Shah against all comers in the name of Cold War Stability. (Which set up the conditions for the Iranian Revolution and current Islamic Theocracy.)

Except in this case, it won't be Cold War Stability, but just a "YAWNNNNNNNNNNNN...". Reagan and both Bushes would have come out with at least verbal support for Liberty for Iran, drawing on an old American tradition. My fear is that Obama will do nothing and/or get petulant about Iran taking the spotlight away from Himself (which so far looks like our Nuanced (TM) Response).

And if we turn our backs on Iran, we get discredited again, the Ayatollahs stay in power by Divine Right, they get their nukes to fulfill their own End Time Prophecy (The Twelfth Imam Mahdi), all while we Adore Obamessiah and breathlessly pine for the latest gossip on Paris Hilton. Another opportunity lost, another brick in the foundation for The Great Islamic Wars (AKA World War Three), another reason for Christians to retreat into End Time Prophecy and sit on their hands waiting for The Rapture.

Headless Unicorn Guy

NOTAL said...

HUG- It seems to me that so far the U.S. government's response (or lack there of) has actually been relatively good. (and it is very rare for me to say anything the Federal Government does is good) I fear that if the U.S. comes out in support of the opposition in Iran (in word or deed), that it would be a deathblow to the opposition. I fear that the support of "The Great Satan" for any of the candidates would destroy their credibility in the eyes of the Iranian people.
While I am surprised by the Iranian people's apparent rejection of Ahmadinejad's government, I do believe that in general there is little love for the U.S., or any friend of the U.S. in Iran.