Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Tween A Gnat and a Camel

Coming soon . . .

I've decided to come back to this topic later.


Don Hendricks said...

Mike, I just backed into your site from a recommend on Micheal Spencers blog. I am catching up on your old posts and very much with you on your journey. Except I am on the other side of the pulpit.
I am 18 years out of the Bible Belt, on a journey to post evangelicalism for about the last ten years. I am very interested in this issue of dualism and platonic influence and want to stay with you on this.

My blog is read by my congregation so if your radar picks up an dishonesty go easy on me.


Don in AZ

MJ said...

Oh . . . I may sound overly critical at times, and I'm sure I am . . . but I really have a sense of grace too. I mean, I have to have grace towards others or I wouldn't be able to stand myself (the same grace required).

Yeah, it seems like there are more of us on the same page than I sometimes realize.