Friday, February 6, 2009

If I Ran into Jesus (or God) at Starbucks, The Questions I would Ask Part I; Explain the History of the Earth, Especially Human History.

Most of these questions are not essential. I mean my faith does not depend on having an answer or the correct answer. However, these questions come from a simple curiosity.

Question One: Please explain the total history of the earth, especially that of humans.

Now I happen to believe in a very old earth (billions of years). Christians have a choice of the very young earth (a simple interpretation of scripture with the earth being 6,000 years old) or the very old earth (the overwhelming evidence of science that the universe is about 13 billion and earth at least 4 billion years old) and both views have huge problems. Most of my Christian friends believe in the young earth because they feel that makes them a better Christian. But to do so, you have to ignore so much reality that you might as well believe in a flat earth. I’m not saying that the geologist, paleontologist, evolutionary biologist don’t get things wrong, but they are not simpleton idiots like the young earth creationist would like for you to believe.

Now that prolog was to make the point (I will get to my question for Jesus soon) that if I simply believed in a young earth my questions would not go away . . . actually they would just begin. A young earth question would be why was God so deceitful I the way he made the earth and the fossil record?

Okay, I’ve established that I’m an old earth guy because it is the lesser of evils as far as consistency with truth (in my opinion). But here are the questions I would want to ask Jesus, or God.

1.) If death did not enter the world until Adam sinned, what was happening for the millions of years before people entered the earth? I mean, there is overwhelming evidence that the dinosaurs lived tens of millions of years before man came onto the scene. Of course they died, we have the fossil record. I burned dead dinosaur farts in my car driving to work this morning. So how was death here before man’s sin?

2) Who the hell was Lucy? I mean the old, very old non-modern human fossils. Was there a small-brained human that you created before modern human? Was Adam like Lucy or like modern man? Or was Lucy more of a smart ape?

Who the hell were the Neanderthals? I mean, they had bigger brains than us. They died out so we did not inherit any of their DNA. Were they a very differ race of man? Did they have the soul of man? Did Jesus die for them? Or were they a super-duper Ape who had the soul of an animal?


Anonymous said...

This is the best you could do if you met God or Jesus? Age of the earth, who cares? Lucy is ridiculous, If the The Leakey's were prosecuting attnys they would not get a conviction.
Neanderthals? You are in the presence of the I am and you think a failed species will come to your mind? These are things you can search out on your own, if you are with God, when you get your face out of the dirt, if ever, ask Him WHY? Why are we here why does it hurt why no nuke
Satan, why why why??? Lucy , Neanderthal, Think man!

MJ said...

What WAS I thinking willohroots? You're right, I really am a complete idiot and totally unspiritual. Thanks for helping me to see that.We should never have questions or be curious about anything. I hope I can grow up to be as spiritual as you someday. :>)

Anonymous said...

Wait a minute... I think how God dealt with Lucy, the Neanderthals, and Australopithicus goes a long way to answering the real question, "Can I trust God?" Personally, I believe they were people (as opposed to some primordial chimera). And as people, I believe God had to have loved them, at least as much as he loves me. If he can capriciously snuff them out for no other reason than... well, what can I trust him for? I just don't think the questions are all that odd.

MJ said...

I will comment too that is is Part I of my curious questions as I have hundreds. Also, I'm not listing them in importance but randomly. I do too think these (first)question are extremely important for many people. I know of plenty who would never consider Christianity as being true because they can't get past these.

Anonymous said...

Mj i am sorry you took it that way,
I don't mean a spirituality contest, I mean There are Great Questions out there and Lucy and Neanderthals don't get on my list, but delinquent miner's comment got me on the right perspective. I did think those were like the greatest questions in your mind and that this was the order you would ask them. I am sorry. my serious pedal was stuck to the floorboard.
I take second place to seriousness however, to Delinquent miner who can find anthropological reasons to think God may make him extinct. Tool using, and deer drawing they may have been, but human, no. They did not know right from wrong. It was our ancestors that were the first. Lucy is , well, did you actually see how small the skull fragment is? you have to have a lot of faith to draw the rest of that in.
Sorry, I was just thinking of different questions of global importance like why some believe and some refuse.
don't grow up to be spiritual like me. You will say things people take wrong and no one will like you.

MJ said...

Willohroots, you must be a freaking genius. I mean there have been plenty of PhD anthropologists (some with multiple PhDs and post doctorate work) who’ve spent their entire lives studying the Neanderthals and they don't claim to know.

We do know that the Neanderthals not only expressed creativity, but buried their death with some ceremony. Certainly scripture is silent on them.

So no one else seems to know what you have figured out with great confidence. That’s why I would like to ask God Himself about them . . . there is no way for me to search it out on my own, because no one in academia (or theology) knows. Maybe I should just meet you at Starbucks and ask my questions.