Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Mike's Perfect Church Part III

Before I move on, I do want to go back and make something clear.

As I "deconstruct" the present form of the church in American, I am not saying that form is bad. I do not agree with the house church proponent Gene Edwards, who has said that he would like to throw a lighted torch in the door of every church in America.

I see the American interpretation of the church as amoral . . . neither good or bad in itself. Actually, in my idealism I never see the demise of the church as it is, because the vast majority of American Christians could only relate to that form. To them a building with a steeple, a vestibule, Sunday school at 9 AM and preaching at 11 AM is their Chrisitian world. Take that away and they would be lost.

The problem is, holding the present forms as absolute as old wineskins that cannot hold any sort of new wine.

More later.

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