Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Manslaughter Via Christian Dualism

A 11 year -old diabetic girl dies because her Christian parents said they didn't have enough faith. They did not believe in "worldly" means of treating her diabetic so they waited and prayed and watched her slowly, and with great suffering, die from ketoacidosis.

Diabetes is a very, very, very treatable disease and there is no reason this dear little girl had to die, except for her stupid (sorry, it's the parent in me speaking) parents, deeply engrossed with Christian Gnostic Dualism, allowed her to.

This is not the first time that Dualism has been the key to murder. Throughout history it has raised its ugly head in this way. Virtually all the deaths (tens of thousands at least) who have died in the hands of Islamic radicalism (either in Iraq or under the likes of the Taliban) have been killed because the victim's precious live, which God had breathed into them, was considered so inferior to some heavenly cause that it was worth it. That is how an AlQada member in Baghdad can "rent" two mentally ill women, strap bombs to them and send then into a crowded market. They see a "greater good" in Heaven and for Allah. Radical Islam is even more dualistic than American Evangelicalism.

But in the case of this sweet little girl an error in theological position caused a tragic death.

But, when you think, according to Platonic metaphysics taken to the extreme, that God doesn't care too much for this physical world, including the earth, our bodies, our brains, our art, our science nor our medicine, but instead, he is only interested in what we define as "spiritual" then it really distorts your view of life. In these situations (where medical help is refused on "religious" grounds) is quite common. We had a young man in our home town die from a very treatable form of leukemia last year because his grandmother believed that it wouldn't be "trusting God" to use chemotherapy.

If you look in scripture, you will see supra-natural (not along any scientific laws) healings because, 2000 years ago (or longer in the case of the OT) that was the ONLY treatment for disease. But the supra-natural healing is now elevated as somehow superior (according to Platonic Dualistic thinking) as a "higher" way. The smart men and women (who were made by God and who's minds were made by God) learn how to create human insulin by using the very complicated laws, WHICH GOD HAS MADE, are erroneously see as "worldly." How bizarre . . . how very sad.

What is sad, when stupid (woops, the parent speaking again) Christians allow their kids to suffer terribly and die because of NON-BIBLICAL philsophical beliefs, and they are challenged by the legal system (certainly not perfect but whom God put in their place) . . . it is really, really strange how American Evangelicals come out to defend the stupid, Platonic, Christians.

Look at the AlQada suicide bombers and you will see the extreme edge of Dualism (blow yourself up young man becaues you will leave this evil world and be with 40 virgins this afternoon in Heaven). Think about it.

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