Thursday, April 30, 2015

A Real Applogetic

I just have to make a comment about this, even if time doesn't permit.  There is a cycle for honest searchers. They start out from within Evangelicalism asking questions. They are pointed to . . . what I will call cheap apologetics.  These are tracts and books put out by evangelicals to suggest that any reasonable person would have to come to the conclusion that Christianity is the only possible answer. They assumed that all non-Christian thinkers are either stupid or immoral, but most likely both.

Then, if you are a real thinker, one day you realize that is not a true apologetic, but propaganda. The arguments are the same you could make for Mormonism, Islam or atheism for that matter.  That’s when many give up and depart the faith.

I probably would not put C.S. Lewis in that category, but somewhere between the cheap apologetics and the real.  The real is where in the deepest places of honestly, you are confronted with a problem that cannot be easily answered without God.  This is far removed from the cheapest apologetic (which I hear most common within Evangelism) that I know God is there, and Christianity is true because I can “feel it in my heart,” or “because the Holy Spirit spoke to me,” or “there is a God-shaped void in my heart.”

I came across a real apologetic this week.  No, Christianity is not mentioned by name and I don’t even think that God is mentioned. But an honest thinker cannot come away from this (it is a Nova episode) presentation without being closer to the position that God is there. It is the same apologetic that comes for a wonderful piece of classical music (complex) being played by a highly skilled orchestra.

If you are in need of a mature apologetic, as I am often in need of, find this episode on TV or buy this Nova episode on DVD: ( )  If you watch it and don’t see the connection, then maybe the cheaper versions are suffice for you.


Nestus Venter said...

Oh yeay!! I live in..."We're sorry, but this video is not available in your region due to right restrictions."

Yes in the modern age of globalisation, we still have that :-(

Thanks, I will find it because I find the universe/math interaction fascinating.... and I will listen to what God shares :-)

Anonymous said...

I get the same "you live in the wrong country" message, but found it on youtube here which works for me