Monday, June 10, 2013

The Lost Art of Hatred

Somewhere in the Victorian age, I think we lost our (good) sense of hatred.  I read an article on BBC this morning about the Taliban cutting the heads off of two children because they caught them digging in the garbage outside their camp, looking for food.  So, from the gut, I posted the following, which was linked to the article.

It is interesting that the word "Taliban" is the Arabic word for "students." It stems from the same word, which is in Greek "Liber" which means to peel the bark (like birch bark) from a tree, which was used as paper (also the root to the word "library"). So Taliban means the stud-iers of books. However, what it really means in this setting is a group of the most stupid people on the planet, most of who can't read, and who narcissist leaders tell them what the books "say." So in their stupidity they somehow see justice in beheading little children because they were digging in their garbage cans looking for food. May this planet soon be rid of the scourge of the Taliban. May the next great viral epidemic of suffering and death only effect the Taliban for the great evil they have brought to the world (especially women), and especially to the wonderful people of Pakistan, Afghanistan and the region. I may sound like Dante, but may they join the Natzis, the Khmer Rouge and others who inhabit the lower parts of the bowels of hell.

However, as I thought about it, I know that such harsh words will offend many of my evangelical friends whom I am friends with on Facebook.  So, I think we have lost the will and the art of hatred. Christians hate all the time (like gays and etc.) but they just don't express it verbally or in written words like I tried to do here.

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