Sunday, January 6, 2013

Again, In the Praise of the Artists

I just returned from seeing the film Les Miserables. I had read the book. I had seen the previous (non musical) movie. Yet, with that said, I will have to say (and without being melodramatic) it is the best movie I've seen in my life.  I am overwhelmed with the artistry.  It was the coming together of a brilliantly written story (Thanks Mr. Hugo), incredible acting, tremendous music, beautiful orchestra and unbelievable visual effects.

I was so overwhelmed by the talent, you have to walk away knowing that there is more to us than a random collection of elements. We are humans, creative and personal from a personal God.

But beyond that, and it is really hard to put into words, it is a profound exploration of the spectrum of human emotions.  When you leave an experience like this . . . you feel incredibly human.  A human created in God's image but subject to a deep an profound fall.  You look at human suffering throughout history and taste the injustices.  But injustices make no sense without the God-given concept of justice.

What a beautiful experience.

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NOTAL said...

I saw the movie recently as well. Les Miserables is probably my favorite book, so I had high expectations going into the film, and I was not disappointed.

The camera work and acting really caught all of the emotion of the story, all of the pain and all of the hope.