Friday, December 2, 2011

An Interesting Perspective on Monism . . . at Least the Way I Use it Here

I've run into a lot of misunderstanding when it comes to my point on this blog about monism.  Here is how one Evangelical site, which looks for cults, describes it:
Monism is the view that reality consists of one fundamental, ultimate essence.  It comes from the Greek mono, which means one.  All is one.  Therefore, in monism God and the universe are the same thing.  This would mean that energy, motion, matter, thought, consciousness, etc., are all of one substance but are perceived differently.
Monism stands in opposition to the dualism and pluralism but is often defined the same as pantheism, the teaching that God and the universe are the same thing.
Monism is unbiblical because it denies the distinction between God and creation.
While I recognize that one term can have many connotations or distinct meanings, I wanted to make it clear how I use the term here. I get private messages now and then how I'm being un-Biblical.  I won't take that bait. If you want to create in your own mind what I'm saying, I can't stop that. But I can try to do my best to explain what I mean.

I absolutely do not believe that God = Creation.  That IS clearly a pantheistic view.  I certainly believe in the trinity . . . Unitarianism is very, very different then monism. I clearly believe that God is there, He is personal, He created all that what we see . . . outside of his being.

My point is simply this; God created the universe, therefore, unlike the Dualist, I do not believe that the physical universe, the laws of nature and etc. are in opposition to God who made all this stuff. He made it wonderful.

Also, I am not a Christian Rousseauian, meaning that I'm not saying that Nature is intrinsically good the way it is. It is dangerous. It is rough, It is fallen.  Nature causes cancer and death and destruction . . . as as part of the Fall of Adam. But, despite that, it is still beautiful. It also still has meaning. You don't have to spiritualize reality to give it meaning.

That's all, just a word of clarification.

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Anonymous said...

That's because "Monism" has more than one meaning. Both that cult-watch group's and yours are valid-but-different definitions of the word.

And I don't give much credibility to Christianese Cult-Watch Group definitions. They traditionally define CULT (TM) by analyizing their Theology, ignoring control-freak or abusive behavior. And a LOT of real abusive Christian Fellowships came in under their theological radar. (CULTS (TM) Brainwash, Born-again Christians Shepherd and Disciple. I've been on the receiving end and see no difference.)

Headless Unicorn Guy