Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Woody . . . I will be back to Ecclesiastes Later

I watched a 3 hour documentary on Woody Allen, which aired for two nights this week.  I have to say, that I have a new appreciation for this man.

Like many Americans, and virtually all Evangelicals, I use to see him with disgust. After all his movies all seemed to be over-sexualized. Then . . . of all things, he did marry his daughter (okay, not really but that's what it looked like).

Of course he is a man of great talent. But what I want to say about him, is that he is a man with the courage to look harshly at reality.  He does ask the big questions about life and he ask them over and over.

His candor is exceptional. As a Christian, truth and reality are my highest goals and at all cost.

But it was very poignant that at the end of the interview Woody made a very interesting comment. He said, life has treated him perfectly. He has gotten every thing he has ever dreamed of. A chance to succeed at writing, a chance to succeed as a stand up comedian, a chance to make successful movies, being in love with some of the most wonderful women . . . yet, when it is all said and done, he still feels like he has been screwed big time. Why?  He knows that one day he will be old, his friends and family will all die . . . and he will die.

So this brief reprieve fits into my Ecclesiastes story.  


Jaimie said...

I adore that man. He's made 42 movies and I've seen 27 of them. One day I will have seen them all. 15 to go!

jmj said...

I think I've only seen about 7-8. The latest was Midnight in Paris. Great movie. I want to go back and see the old ones. Hannah and her sisters etc.