Sunday, September 25, 2011


I, of course, have a way to monitor what people read here.  The two most read posts here have been mine from a long time ago about my personal struggle with an anxiety disorder and the second most is a more recent one about the boundaries of emotional pain.

It is interesting that I do another blog about starting a medical clinic.  While that one centers on medical-business, I did do one very candid post about my struggle with anxiety and how it would relate to my ability, or inability to start a clinic.  On that blog, that one post (out of about 300) is by far the  most read one.  It seems that there is a real hunger for Christian, but actually for all people, to read about those topics . . . at least on a private level.

So, I'm just thinking, this GERMFASK story is taking a long time to develop and could run ten more chapters before the characters live out their intent.  I'm thinking about putting it aside and return to writing on these more day to day issues with anxiety and etc. What do you think?  


Jaimie said...

I vote for stuff on anxiety. I am a writer who values writing fiction, but it's not what I'm looking for when I read blogs. Most importantly, write what you want to write though. :)

Hope T. said...

I just read the last chapter you put up, where you bring up the idea that our self-esteem is so tied to our beliefs that we can't grow or change, even in the face of logical argument. That point helped me to clarify some things in my own mind! It was an ah-ha moment.

I guess I would like you to develop the ideas of your fiction (such as the point I mentioned above) into a non-fiction format. Psychology and how it intersects with religious thought and practice is a fascinating topic to me. It seems that you know quite a bit about both between your medical practice and your foray through numerous religious venues.

I know you are very busy and I don't know how you even have time to post as much as you do, but I hope you know that you are a unique voice in the blogosphere and I have greatly appreciated it for however many years I have been reading now.

Anna A said...


Do what is best for you. I've done a tiny amount of fiction writing and know that the characters etc. take a lot of writing time and skill. I never had the skill, nor the imagination to make new ones.

But, please return to Germfask later. I want to see how it all plays out.

Wouldn't it be ironic that the Messiah did come to Tom's world, and they didn't recognize him at all.

PRS & ALS said...

If you have the time perhaps you could alternate between the Germfask and nonfiction.

Dana said...

I also suggest alternating, if possible. Whatever you decide, it will be helpful.


kg said...

I'm really enjoying Germfask, and agree with Hope T. that the recent chapter was especially good. I do want to hear more!
I do also want to hear more on anxiety, so just as you are able,
I appreciate your taking time to write and letting us read!

jmj said...

Thanks for your help. It think I will try to mix it up a bit.