Thursday, July 21, 2011

A Party in the House

Have you ever had a huge crowd of unexpected guests show up at your house?

Yesterday morning, I got up and happened to check my blog site. Something mysterious was going on. My typical daily visits of 60-70 was well over a thousand . . . and I hadn't even had my morning coffee yet. It didn't take me long to trace the bread crumbs back to Imonk's house.

I'm glad they showed up and walked though my house, picking up stuff and looking at it. However, I do feel a little embarrassed as I hadn't cleaned or put out any food.

I went back over my spiritual abuse story and proofed it for the first time last night. I usually typed each section with one hand on a micro laptop (not much bigger than a smart phone) while standing in line at Starbucks on my way to work. But the guests have now mostly left and it is too late to clean house now, or to retype my stories.

I was hoping one of them would have stumbled onto my book manuscript and given me some ideas, but that link apparently doesn't work either.

But it was nice to have guest anyway. Thanks Mike.


Brendan said...

I was really impressed by your writing. So effortless, honest, and real. Count me in to read more.

Also I see your pick of Mt. Baker. Do you live in or near Bellingham?

jmj said...

Yes. I work there one day a week and live just south.

Brendan said...

Awesome, I up here in Lynden. You also seem to have a grasp of SoCal geography. Have you spent time in that area? I moved up from OC 6 years ago.

Anonymous said...

Don't worry about the housekeeping. Clean up a few typos, re-write a bit for grammar and style, and get it out there.

Jeff Dunn, are you listening?

jmj said...

Ted, this little story was written for publication anywhere. I did have a much deeper manuscript about this journey, which used to be linked on the page. I will have to work on that. The manuscript is much more polished, much, much deeper and is out in the cloud somewhere.

jmj said...

Brendan, Lynden of course is CRC Mecca and I know it well.

Eagle said...

JMJ....glad you were noticed!! :-)