Sunday, June 27, 2010

Mere Churchianity Makes it Big Time

Okay, I will get back to my conversation about aging when I get the chance to put some serious thoughts down.

But I have to tell a story, albeit brief.

Yesterday I walked into the largest Barnes and Noble store I've ever seen. It was almost a full block and three stories high. It is also situated in one of the most media sensitive places on earth . . . in Hollywood (precisely in the "Farmers' Market" complex).

On the outside of the huge bookstore were huge posters of famous guest due in the coming week for book signings. First, it was Queen Latifah doing a book signing. Next was Kathy Griffin and her mother.

I walked through the big, glass automatic doors. There, right in the middle of the entrance was a shelve with the listing, "New Releases." At the center of that was Michael Spencer's Mere Churchianity. I had a warm feeling for Michael, since he is not here to experience it. He had "arrived" as an author. While I know that fame was not his goal . . . still I felt the warm and fuzzies for him. Way to go Mike!

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PRS & ALS said...

So great to hear that Michael's book is getting out to the general public.