Monday, August 4, 2008

Post-Cafe Discussion, Then Off to Whistler

I stared my Small-Town Cafe story, many posts ago, about dishonesty in language. Then I moved on to using Lacey as an example of what it would look like if someone tried to be really honest. A Christian friend gave me her opinion that Lacey was being cruel. So I decided to go back and use Jesus Himself (who would be very honest, but never cruel) and to see (in my humble opinion) how He would relate.

If you read this story of Jesus in the Cafe, you will not see a peaceful setting, but one of conflict. But I don't think you will see cruelty.

In this last story, Jesus put his finger on the issues in each person's life. Sure, Jake was deeply offended, but he needed to be offended. The same is with each of them. Yet, Lacey, Melvin and eventually John were drawn to Jesus by His brute honesty rather than repelled.

So honesty can disrupt the harmony but is not cruel. Someone can honestly tell me that I have bad breath. It may upset or embarass me . . . but in the end, I think I would be grateful.

The late Francis Schaeffer describes the culture in America after WII up to the 70s as the age of Peace and Affluence. This was the kind of peace he was talking about. Not peace with God or even peace between people or countries. But it was a superficial harmony . . . doing anything you can to avoid rocking the boat. But Jesus was a boat rocker. I really believe that we should be boat rockers too, but of course in love. It is very hard to be a boat rocker as it can make you very, very lonely.

I’m taking a short hiatus from this blog. I will be vacationing in Whistler, BC. I plan on doing a lot of writing there, but not for this blog. I have a book manuscript that’s been on the back burner too long. I will be back here in about a week or so.


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Brian said...

Thanks for this series, Mike. Hope you have a great vacation.