Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Miracles & Magic: Part II The Christian Con Man (woman)

So this brings me back to the question/issue that is raised in Pete Gall's book. Can we have it both ways? Can we watch a faith-healer, TV evangelist and say, "It's a con, but who am I to judge another Christian?"

To me, that is really moral-relativism. If someone is a "con-man for Jesus" I see it as the worst of sins and we can't just look the other way and say, "Maybe someone will be blessed by it." These are the people (like Jesus in the temple) whom Jesus loathed. He didn't loath the prostitutes or tax collectors, but the religious con man, he treated like dirty pigs.

I really believe that we do have a responsibility to oppose these people at all costs The religious networks are full of these con artist. While Christians have protested at abortion clinics, gay marriages, etc. it is really the Christian con man that needs our loudest voice.

I have a lot of respect for James Randi, who has made it his job to expose cons. He spent a while focusing on Christian con artist. Thank you Mr. Randi! I don't think he is a Christian, and like many non-Christians, he is probably turned off by Christianity because of all the cons. But I suggest you watch this You-tube interview with Mr. Randi:

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