Monday, December 17, 2007

The Spirit of the Blog

I want to set the atmosphere for this Blog early. For one, it MUST be a safe place. The Church is often the most unsafe place in our society . . . which is a shame. God is a God of truth so He does not fear honesty nor should we. Being God-like (or godly) means being engaged with truth at all levels. Can you walk into a Church and mention to someone that you're depressed, don't love your wife, hate someone, doubting God's existence, am an alcoholic or feeling gay? If you do, it is a little like walking in a mine field. Then the Church is surprised when suddenly the perfect couple breaks up (the wife running off with another man). "Man, we didn't see that coming?" Of course you didn't because no one is allowed to speaking honestly within the Church so they have to hide the reality of their souls until it is too late.

This Blog is meant to be a safe place. I am not offended by anything because I've had a glimpse of my own sin (only a glimpse) and I know but for the Grace of God I could have taken any of those paths.

This Blog will never be the attack point toward the Church. What I mean is that yes, we can and must be critical of the Church at times in part of our being honest . . . but the purpose of the Blog is not an artillery point from which we are to constantly launch missiles down on the Church. That serves no constructive purpose. But at the same time, if someone is angry at the Church, or the members there of, then this should be a safe place for us to discuss the pain.

This Blog will not serve as the recruiting station for a particular theological position or church denomination. I've been a part of Blogs before where a particular church denomination is held up as the only true church. I'm sorry but fallen men can not produce unfallen insiutions. Good ones, certainly Great ones, maybe. Perfect ones . . . no way!

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